Discover a story that makes you think and which is designed as a pedagogical reading aid.

  • The syllables are highlighted when they are read. Your child can easily follow along and practice reading with the syllable method.
  • Talk about the illustrations with your child. The story prompts to avoid exclusion and provides explanations for group formation.
  • The social-psychologically structured story encourages your child to stand up for themselves and others.
  • Thematize xenophobia and demarcation using the interactive illustrated reading book.
  • The attractive and colorful illustrations make several repetitions interesting.
  • Zoom in on the illustrations and discover fun details.
  • The fun and especially for children designed character Mameli motivates the reading experience. The colorful world of the Mameli reading book series explains sociological phenomena to children.
  • The contemporary media based on the educational value strengthens reading skills playfully.

Automation of Reading Skills

In addition, the syllable method is used consistently. Thus children learn playfully the rhythm of language. As a result the child receives an easier access to writing. Orthography is not learned phenomenologically (single spellings of words), but systematically (rules of written words). This is done by color-coded division of words into groups of letters, thereby facilitating the understanding and autonomous reading. The hyphenation marks the syllables, not the word separation, meaning it marks the syllables that can be synchronously talked and clapped.

The constant repetition of words increases the learning and recognition process, which is essential for fluent reading. Therefore automation is key for children to be able to read fluently and write securely.

Central Importance of Reading Skills

Children learn early on how to deal with a wide range of media. As a result the actual process of learning to read moves increasingly into the background. Often a lack of motivation to read longer texts follows insufficient excitement to read.

The identification with the characters and the lovely illustrations increase the motivation to strengthen reading skills playfully and actively deal with the content of the texts. Thus the individual and independent interest in reading and reliable writing is encouraged.

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